Busy Family Pictures

Another Photo Oppurtunity

Allright, I will smile for you MOMMY!

Maybe, I will not SMILE?!?!

My little pebbles.

Or is it MAGGIE Simpson?

Oma visiting Ellie's classroom before the Brecknock Spring Concert 2008

Getting ready to sing

Sedona and MOMMY with front row seats!

Sedona, ready to be a judge on American Idol, watch out SIMON!

I love my Ducky

I really really love my DUCKY!


All lined up for the big show.



Sing some more

Still singing



Singing, again.

Ready for the next number...

Daddy and his other girls, Teyo & MO.

"Mommy, not now I am in the bathtub!"

OOOOH it's fun to SPLASH!

Everything a baby needs...

Sitting up, with toys, blanky, and my BIB.


Beautiful Sunset.

Ellie ready for her first SLUMBER PARTY

Present, check, sleeping bag, check, BLUE MOOSIE, check.

Are you READY?

Okay DAD, one more SMILE, now go home :-)

Sedona watching the Webkinz with Ellie.

Sedona is waiting for her turn.

What fun on the computer!

St. Patrick's Day GREEN sweater.

Look this used to be ELLIE's Sweater... amazing!

Mommy with her St. Patrick's Day earrings and broach.

Going to work.

Down the driveway.

Turning Left, hahaha

Suncatcher windchime, it is almost SPRING!

Giggling for Daddy!

Looking through Mommy's photo album

MO sitting on the bed.

Surprise visitors from Bucks County!!!!

Ellie with Aunt Michelle, Aunt Mary Lou, and Uncle Dave.

"Yes, this is my excited look."

Figuring out Ellie's "Cats in a Cradle"



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