East Reading

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Some Landmarks:

East Reading Swimming Pool

Luden's Chocolate Factory (Now owned by HERSHEY)
Home of the 5th Avenue Candy Bar

The Reading Hospital and Medical Center

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For years this building has been located right above Reading High, and it is lined up directly with Douglass Street (same street I grew up on). Only recently have they began allowing visitors to climb the 150+ steps all the way to the TOP of WORLD! As Ellie likes to say, and the view was phenomenal.

Please, take the time to visit their website, they are trying to keep this LANDMARK alive in the CITY:

Ellie found an all BLACK Ladybug on the Observation Deck?!?!
It is definetly the ONLY one I have ever seen in my LIFE...

Reading Regional Airport

Family Crest of William Penn

Stokesay Castle - -

The CASTLE on the HILL
Reading Senior High School


And a very special surprise PIC for those of YOU who know the Loose's, doorway to the PAST!!!
Our House in the Middle of the STREET!

"The South of the Border" bumper sticker, just says it all...



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