Jazlyn Marie Beamer

Born:   January 12, 2008
At   11:43 PM
8 lbs  1 oz
20 1/4  inches

Congratulations to Daisy, Ash, and Arielle she is such a beautiful BABY!!! Welcome to the world of TWO kids, LOL. Roxanne and I were just amazed at how fast life is with one kid to keep up with, but TWO makes it almost impossible, enjoy the ride, and keep each other strong. I wish we could of came to visit sooner, but here are the pictures from our visit.


After such a great performance we wanted the girls to take a bow. Well, as you will see from the video Arielle is a bit modest, but Ellie is not shy at all when it comes to teaching, "Arielle to say 'TA-DA!'"



After all this excitement, it is also very important to note that January 21, 2008 is my ninth weddding anniversary. The pictures below were the new NASCAR hat that I got, and Roxanne received a resized wedding band (not pictured).

Thank You, ROXANNE for an Awesome 9 Years.

You have made me a BETTER MAN and a PROUD FATHER.

Being your husband is the greatest part of my LIFE!

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